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Studio and Equipment


When I moved to Southern California, I decided to create a fitness studio that was entirely outdoors. Having come from the humidity and daily rain of Orlando, I was so excited to be able to look up at the blue sky while bench pressing or doing burpees. Since I’m frequently working out around my kids, the studio space is surrounded by kid-friendly, enclosed outdoor space that can be used for everything from skateboarding to painting to playing with monster trucks… and there’s always Netflix and Amazon streaming in our living room, if all else fails.  So if you DO need to bring your children with you, they will have a host of activities and toys to keep them busy. And if you have an infant, I’m happy to train you while holding him/her!

Just because we’ll be outdoors does not mean we’re working with no equipment. There’s plenty of room for everything from walking lunges to sprints, and my gym includes:

      * Olympic Barbells
      * Dumbbells (from 3 lb to 75 lb)
      * Bumper Plates
      * Curl Bars
      * Kettlebells
      * Medicine Balls
      * Stability Balls
      * TRX Suspension Trainers
      * Muscle (battle) Ropes
      * Plyo boxes and benches
      * Resistance bands and tubing
      *Ab Roller Wheels