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Meet Your Trainer, Jennifer Gillis



         My hectic, funny family of boys

Whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom, I know you’re busy. I have four kids of my own – two sons, ages 14 and 5, and two stepsons, ages 17 and 19. All of them keep me running non-stop.

I used to be an attorney in a prior life, practicing law as a prosecutor in Memphis. I felt so torn between my career and my life as a wife and mother, and I never felt like I was 100 percent at either. Fitness had to be squeezed during my lunch hour or after my work day.

When I quit working to stay home with my youngest son, fitness became my outlet to maintain my sanity, because staying at home was also really tough work! Yearning to do something worthwhile which would also allow me to be with my son, I became a certified personal trainer and began training other moms in the privacy of their homes. I currently hold an AFAA personal trainer and prenatal/postpartum certifications, am a P90X Live certified instructor, and am working on a Precision PN1 (Nutrition) certification.

Whatever your challenges as a woman or mom, I can relate. I had my first baby at 26 and did very little to lose the weight – it just fell off with very little effort. Ten years later with baby number two, it took me six months of intense work to get the weight off. I’ve struggled with food allergies over the last four years and now, over 40, my body (the way it reacts to certain foods, the rate at which it metabolizes food, the way my hormones seem out of whack, how it looks!) is completely different than it was even five years ago!

However, through it all, fitness has remained a constant — and I want to give that to you. For me, fitness is not putting in the requisite hour on the treadmill; rather, it is about challenging yourself to the fullest. It’s about pushing yourself to do those last difficult reps, holding a new yoga pose, mastering pull-ups, or being able to jump onto that plyo box. It’s increasing the weight you can lift or running longer than you ever have before. But perhaps most importantly, it’s the energy and happiness you feel when you leave your session. I want to give you the best hour of your day and leave you with renewed energy to tackle the rest of it.

Together, we will carve out that much-needed time for you, even if your kids are two feet away while we train. You won’t need to worry about who sees you or whether they’re judging you – all training is done in my private indoor studio (kids welcome). And you will not only get your body back – or build the one you’ve always wanted – but you’ll also build confidence, stamina, and strength in a supportive, private environment.