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Move It, Mommy! Flexible Personal Training for Busy Moms

How to Lose Fat and Gain/Maintain Muscle at the Same Time

Is it possible? Yes, but only under certain conditions. First, you need to understand how muscle grows. Two processes happen in your muscles each day: protein degradation (the breakdown of proteins into their smaller components) and protein synthesis (the creation of new proteins from their…

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To Plyo or Not to Plyo?

Ever wonder if you should be doing multiple sets of box jumps during your heavy load training? I’ve often found myself loving the burn but worrying that I’m going to negate any possible muscle growth. Pairing plyo moves with heavy loads produces something the fitness…

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Lift Heavy or Light? Which Leads to Greater Strength and Hypertrophy?

My clients are probably all sick of hearing me tell them that lifting heavier weights leads to more muscle gain, but a new study backs me up! Researchers had two groups of males do a workout comprised of 4 sets of knee extensions to muscular…

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How Your Cycle Affects Your Muscle Growth

Ever wonder why some days you’re setting PRs like never before, and other days you’re dragging around the gym barely managing to lift light weights? Your hormones are to blame. There’s not much you can do about this, but new scientific research shows that you…

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Is Your Gym Working Against You?

Did you know that the way gyms arrange their equipment affects the way that its members work out? One company, GYMetrix, has studied this phenomenon by using digital trackers and surveys to collect and analyze what people actually do at their gyms. They’ve found that…

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Recovery Time of Leg & Glute Exercises

About a year ago, I focused on building my legs and glutes: I trained every other day each week for the better part of the year, lifting really heavy and intensely. It didn’t work. As confirmed by a DEXA scan, my glutes grew a little, though…

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